About me

Music… music is always on my mind. Since I was a child, I was looking for it, often unconsciously. However, it was only after graduating from high school that I discovered music as my passion and vocation. With the discovery, I consciously decided that I would educate myself and develop in this direction. I started at the State Secondary Music School in Koszalin in the guitar class.

Few believed that it is possible to become a guitarist starting at 19. But I was persistent and stubborn. After 6 years I finished my education with a diploma.

I continued my professional education at the Higher Pedagogical School in Słupsk (major: music education) and at the Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk (major: instrumentation, specializing in instrumental pedagogy in the field of playing the guitar).

In the years 2000–2003, I co-created the International Youth Forum in Wadowice, at the same time conducting music workshops there.

I compose pieces for guitar, music for poems and songs. I received a distinction in the IVth International Competition On The Best Composition And Arrangment Of Folk Music For Children’s Musical Schools (Belarus, Gomel 2005) for the song „Water Springs”. I participated in the recordings of albums: Shomer (1999 – guitar) and Emmanuel (2000 – guitar, vocals and production). I took part in recording music for the play „Dziady”, which was staged in Nowy Teatr in Słupsk. In the years 2005–2009, I gave concerts in the instrumental band TRIADA, with which I recorded the album „KOSZALIŃSKA CICHA NOC” in 2008, arranging and performing the guitar line. Currently, I am a guest guitar player in the TRIADA band.

Occasionally, I toured with the vocal and instrumental group Shomer. As a guitar player, I was awarded in guitar competitions as part of the T. Burton Festival (Poznań, 2010) and the Fingerstyle Sopot Festival (Sopot, 2015). One of the projects I took part in was a musical called „PUB”, for which I composed the music. The libretto was written by Katarzyna Matejek. As of today, a demo album with 3 songs has been released.

On 5 December 2015, during the Cantate Domino Festival, there was an author’s concert entitled „You are my father”, with my musical compositions – religious songs, musical illustrations of poetry by Jan Twardowski and Karol Wojtyła, musical pieces. On 6 December 2015, I was awarded the Prof. Irena Maculewicz-Żejmo Award, granted by the Civitas Christiana Association for achievements in promoting sacral song and music. On 3 July 2021, I was invited to play and sing my compositions during a concert that took place in Radio Szczecin during the gala of the Rev. Director B. Domański XXXV Prize of the Civitas Christiana Association.

In my work, I met and had the pleasure to work with various musicians, including: Joanna Antolak, Violetta Brzezińska, Sean Clancy, Adam Krylik, Wojciech Kucharski, Michał Kulenty, Paweł Witulski, Rafał Mędlewski, Marcin Pospieszalski, Iwona Przybysławska, Adam Sztaba, Łukasz Sztaba, Agata Szymczewska, Monika Zytke.

I am especially grateful to my beloved husband Maciej, my sons: Dawid and Bartłomiej and their wonderful wives: Diana and Martyna. It’s great to have you here and feel your support 🙂